"Our goal is to preserve the health and long term beauty of our clients' trees, lawns and other landscape components. It begins with proper diagnosis and continues with treatment based on sound science and a respect for the environment. We deliver exceptional personal service, while enhancing property value."
—James Neve
James Neve, Tree Solutions owner.
Soil Restore: The Natural Organic Soil Fertility Option

Tree Solutions experienced ISA certified arborists provide landscape and tree care for you and your  most valuable  outdoor assets. We are not a tree removal company. Our primary concern is tree preservation, soil restoration and maintenance of entire landscape health. We have your tree and all landscape components best interest at heart.

Tree Solutions is proactive in implementing the most current industry research and treatment techniques related to your tree’s health care. Our treatment applications are based upon sound science and we continuously update our knowledge by attending numerous industry workshops. We emphasize not only treating the symptoms but finding solutions to the cause.

Our tree and landscape care services include:   Diagnosis and treatment of tree disease and pest infestations,  Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Plant Health Care (PHC), Sudden Oak Death (SOD) treatment and site management, Arborist Reports, Tree Preservation Plans, Risk Assessment, Tree value and loss appraisals and fruit tree care.

Tree Solutions serves a variety of clients throughout the  central coast of California. We service:  residential properties, commercial properties, golf courses, parks, schools and municipalities. Browse our website for more information, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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“Treating your tree’s symptoms
by finding solutions to the cause.”

Soil Restore:  ‘Biology is Better”

Organic Tree and Landscape Fertility  An Alternative to Synthetic Chemical Fertilizers

Organic Lawn care

Soil Foodweb Advisor announcement:

New Pest Alert: Myoporum Thrips

Know Your Tree’s Risk Factor:

Tree failure can oftentimes be predicted, schedule a risk assessment by a qualified certified arborist An in-depth look at Tree Risk Assessment and Hazard Abatement – By Certified Tree Risk Assessor and ISA Arborist, Don Cox

Sudden Oak Death Disease Prevention & Treatment

Since 1999, Tree Solutions has been treating coastal California oak trees for the pathogen Phytopthora ramorum, which causes Sudden Oak Death. This multi-factor affliction affects several other trees besides the oaks, but to date, causes mortality only to certain species of oak trees. For more information about causes and symptoms, see our Sudden Oak Death pages:

  • Overview
  • Best Management Practices 09
  • Newest treatment protocol from theMatteo Garbelloto lab, Oct. 2009
  • Proactive Tree Health Services

    Plant Health Care (PHC) is an integrated management approach. Research shows that almost 90 percent of all insect and disease problems encountered by plants can be attributed to deficiencies in the basic growing needs of plants. Tree Solutions investigates the growing environment of your trees and shrubs and makes the necessary changes to help your plants reverse decline or to maintain good health.


    Certified Arborist WE-6717A

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