Bark Beetles

Bark beetles can cause extensive damage to infested trees. We see colonization mostly on stressed pine and oak trees. There are several species that bore into these trees and their management is imperative if


long term tree health is the goal. Early detection and treatment is essential .

Finding the cause to the beetle infestations is as important as the treatment itself. Stressed trees emit a chemical which attracts these insects. It is a natural function. These insects have a job which is to eliminate weak trees. In the urban landscape environment, landscape practices are often the reason for insect and disease infestations. Soil compaction, root severence, other construction practices and improper irrigation, have the potential to negatively impact your landscape.

The key to tree rescue is to find the cause of the problem/s, correct  environmental conditions that contribute to the problem. Implementation of immediate and long-term Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocol, soil fertility and biological balance will help reverse tree and plant decline.

Common conditions that lead to beetle colonizztion include:

  • Drought stress
  • Over watering
  • Root loss
  • Root infection by pathogens
  • Excessive canopy reduction-improper pruning
  • Soil compaction

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