"Without the mycorrhizae, forests as we know them would not exist. And without them, our urban forests, and landscape trees and shrubs, would not survive."


Oftentimes it is what we can’t see that makes the biggest difference. Such is the case with mychorrhizae. The symbiotic relationship of this naturally occurring below ground fungus is integral to tree and shrub health. Hyphae, the root like structures of the fungus attach to the fine feeder roots and extend the water and nutrient mining capabilities. Environmental changes oftentimes disrupts this relationship. We believe that the combination of annual mulch applications coupled with mychorrhizal applications are essential for landscape health.

Common thinking says to apply fertilizers to fix every problem. Fertilizer application has its place, but it is an over prescribed treatment recommendation that is often unnecessary and may have unintended consequences.

For those who would like scientific in-depth information here is an article written for the Western Arborist: Mycorrhyzae: Your Silent Partner (PDF). Western Arborist is a trade magazine produced by the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.


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