Plant Health Care (PHC) for Professionals

Why Plant Health Care?

A Plant Health Care program is designed to recognize in advance, serious site issues that may affect the long-term health and aesthetic value of a landscape.

A healthy, beautiful gardenThere are many situations where our experience and services are of value to both the industry and the homeowner. We work with you, the landscape architect, contractor and designer during the design, construction, and post construction phases of the project. Issues such as drainage, irrigation needs, soil fertility, preservation of existing trees and shrubs and plant selection can be addressed and recommendations can be made.

Plant Health Care programs vary according to consumer needs. A custom program is designed to provide long-term care for a few trees or an entire landscape. Relationships with the homeowner and their landscape are developed and maintained.

Lush Garden 3Post construction,the process involves ongoing communication and education of the client. Our monitoring program visits are designed to pro-actively determine and address future needs or problems before they become expensive out of control issues.

Plant Health Care is an investment. It is recognition that careful pre-construction landscape planning and post construction care have immeasurable value. It requires commitment from the homeowner, contractor and the Plant Health Care provider.

Consumers expect a problem free healthy return on their initial landscape investment. They must be educated so they can understand that a pro-active role is necessary to maintain a healthy growing environment.

James Neve of Tree Solutions

Initial Site Assessment

  • Determines the needs and expectations of the homeowner
  • Determines the needs of the plants chosen for the program
  • Determines and outlines specific on-site problems and the necessary changes required to mitigate
  • Follow up with written recommendations

Onsite Monitoring

  • Timely site visits to monitor disease and pest issues
  • Written reports for customer and landscape maintenance contractor detailing issues and control recommendations

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