Sudden Oak Death Recommendations & Information

Tree Solutions recommends a comprehensive approach to SOD management:

1. Initial site analysis:  tree identification with SOD susceptible species inventory, inspection of host plants in proximity of oaks, history of infections and oak mortality on the property and in the geographical area, Agri-Fos treatment plan. Bleeding canker caused by Sudden Oak Death Infection

2. Identification of potential trouble spots –  host plants (bay, rhododendron) in the proximity of susceptible oak species.   Bay-laurel removal and pruning plan. Infected bay laurel leaves

3. An initial Agrifos application in spring (March/April) or fall (October/December).

4. A follow up application within approximately six months of the first.

5. Annual applications in the same season as #4, whether spring or fall.

6. Stem injection applications to be done in spring season when soil moisture content is good, or by specific recommendation, taking into account the site specifics, soil moisture availability from early rains, groundwater or irrigation.                                                                           Tree failure caused by beetle infestation

7. Identification of other tree management issues and stress factors with a plan for needed corrections to address site conditions and pest control

  • tree structural integrity and hazard issues
  • tree root collar disorders
  • pest control – oak moth caterpillars, gold spotted oak borer, other oak bark beetles, pests and diseases
  • site conditions review for optimum plant health care -, drainage, soil grade, fertility control import/export of plant materials

















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