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Soil Restore is a natural, organic  fertility and soil biology source for lawns, shrubs and trees. We produce and apply this product for Soil Remediation, Growing Environment Restoration, Tree and Plant Rescue, Lawn Care and General Health Maintenance.

The soil condition and balance of soil organisms determine the health and vigor of lawns, trees and other plants. Healthy plants need healthy soil to grow in.

UNEXPECTED RESULTS TREATING A WILTED JAPANESE MAPLE SHRUB ~ using soil restore on a Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) The lush growth that occurred was without use of high Nitrogen chemical fertilizer, which is commonly prescribed to reverse this condition. Initially, only water was applied for two weeks. Shortly after the soil restore treatment, growth began.

Japanese Maple

7.24.09 Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) stressed and nearly defoliated by a week-long  heat wave and lack of water

Japanese Maple

7.24.09 Close Up

Japanese Maple

7.31.09 Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) soon after application of Soil Restore a new growth flush began

Japanese Maple

7.31.09 Close up of growth flush after application of Soil Restore

Japanese Maple

8.8.09 Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) after application of Soil Restore. New growth continued throughout summer into fall season. Growth flush like this had never occurred the previous 15 years

Japanese Maple

8.8.09 Close up after application of Soil Restore


As a culture, we humans have unwittingly altered natures’ cycles and replaced healthy natural systems with toxic chemical additives sold to us as the answers to problems caused by various unwanted organisms. The side effects of this chemical dependency has been devastating to humans and our environment contributing to increased cancer rates, birth defects, respiratory issues, pollution, and the overall breakdown of natural ecosystems.

Synthetic chemical fertilizers are salt based. Salts can desiccate and destroy the natural soil biology. This form of nutrient supply, creates a dependence on synthetic chemicals and a need to apply fertilizer. The good news is that there are effective, natural and healthy alternatives to the synthetic chemical solutions. The answer is to look at natures’ already perfectly designed systems, and to then make a conscience effort to return your backyard back to nature by reincorporating the biology reduced by chemical additives, soil compaction and other environmental issues.  This is accomplished through Soil Restores’ unique blend of compost extract and organic fertility sources.

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