2011 Santa Cruz Home and Garden Expo

Please join us at the Coconut Grove Sun Room March 26-27, from 9-5:00.Tree Solutions, Inc. and our new company Soil Solutions would like to show you our Specialized Tree Care and Soil fertility management, and arboriculture consulting  products and services. From roses to redwoods, we have organic fertilizers and nutrient management solutions, pest and disease control options and treatment plans.

For ecologically sound solutions for managing landscape and food system fertility, talk to us about options.

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Show Specials:Dry potting mixes-fertilizers-liquid compost-Compost extract brew kits

Do it yourself Liquid Compost Extract kits-$239.95 (makes 10, 30 gallon brews)

Nature’s Liquid Compost-$7.99 one gallon jug (includes: 4 oz liquid kelp 4 oz liquid fish hydrolysate)

Vital Earth Organic Potting Soil-$12.95 per 1 cu ft. bag Organic!

Vital Earth Organic Manna Mix-$14.95 per 1.5 cu. ft. bag   Super Show Special!

Baseline Humus Concentrate-$69.95 per 5lb pail-Compost replacement Peat based product-The Ultimate Trifecta!

Vital Earth Rose and Flower Mix-4-lb. pail $29.95 22lb bag-$59.95 Amazing Results!

Mega Worm Earthworm Earthworm castings-$ 49.95 1 cu ft. bag Best Quality on the market-Lab Tested

RTI mycorhizzae Products-X-treme GardeningShow Specials!

Gardening ProductsShow Specials!

Bat Guano, Bird Guano,Glacial Rock Powder,compost,liquid compost extract (LCE) much more……

Soil Foodweb testing-Soil Foodweb Products-Soil Foodweb Services-Organic Lawn Care-Organic Tree and Shrub Care

On-site Tree and Landscape  Health Assessments-Show Special 1/2 price!


Certified Arborist WE-6717A

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