Soil Injection

Soil injection is the process of delivering pesticide or chemical fertilizer into a tree through the root zone. The fine feeder roots absorb the material and translocate it upward and distribute it throughout the canopy.

Often this is a solution to the problem of chemical spray drift when applying pesticides. It is important to us to preserve beneficial insects and other animal populations living in trees. There are hundreds and even thousands of beneficial insects associated with trees. They have a very important ecological function. Spraying a full spectrum pesticide with long lasting chemical residuals into the tree canopy destroys these populations, and ensuing outbreaks of destructive pests are common. Some commonly used pesticides are deadly against birds.

Soil injection is a way to deliver nutrients directly into the root zone. When water soluble fertilizer goes into solution, it is immediately available, thus the tree, shrub or lawn, can immediately benefit from fertilization.

Mycorrhizae, which most people know little of, has a very important function. The symbiotic fungus attaches itself to fine feeder roots and brings water and nutrients into a tree. Mycorrhizal populations are essential to help mitigate drought conditions. We apply mycorrhizae using this method.

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