Oak Tree Care Tips – Don’ts

  • Water beneath  tree canopies in the summertime (unless drought conditions are present)  it predisposes trees to fungal infections
  • Apply high percentage Nitrogen fertilizer
  • Prune more than 10-15% of canopy unless otherwise recommended by a qualified certified arborist  for very specific reasons
  • Excessively prune the interior branches of an oak tree
  • Hire a tree service who knocks on your  door without checking credentials and references
  • Don’t kill the small, green and wriggly caterpillars you see every April/May. They are called fruit tree leaf rollers and will not harm your trees. They have an important ecological function. Birds and other animals are dependent on the hatches to feed their offspring.  They go away soon.

Certified Arborist WE-6717A

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