Tips to manage your native oak trees

  • Avoid activities that will cause soil compaction or  root severance beneath tree canopies
  • Obtain a tree preservation plan from a qualified certified arborist before performing any construction activities beneath an oak tree canopy
  • Prune trees during summer to reduce hazard potential
  • Sign up for monitoring program that offers timely visits during high pest and pathogen activity periods.
  • Retain a qualified certified arborist to perform a risk assessment evaluation of the trees near your home or other building structures to protect your assets  


 Watch for changes in your tree such as:


  • Smaller leaf size, change in leaf color or fewer leaves
  • Dead, dying or diseased branches
  • Missing bark or damage to the trunk, including cracks
  • Insects or damage from pests
  • Mushrooms or other fungal fruiting bodies on the trunk, near the base of the trunk or on the roots
  • Old wounds that seem wet or ooze
  • A noticeable lean that does not correct itself
  • Lifted ground on one side of the tree

Oak Tree Care – Dont’s


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