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Treatment protocol was modified by the Matteo Garbelloto, lab in October 2009. The current recommendations call for alternating treatment methods between trunk drench and trunk injection. 

Efficacy research indicates better control of canker size, and control for a longer period of time, using the trunk injection method. With both methods, efficacy falls off after the 12th month.

Dr. Matteo Garbelotto’s Forest Pathology and Mycology Laboratory

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“Applications should be made when the tree is actively transpiring. Avoid treating trees during very hot or very cold weather, or when new leaves are emerging.

Currently in Northern California two applications in the first year are recommended, one fall treatment in November or December and a second treatment approximately six months later. Subsequent treatments should be made once every year.

Preventative treatment, before infection has occurred, has been found to be more effective than curative treatments. At least 4 weeks are necessary for the applied chemical to take full effect.”

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