Organic Lawn Care

Keep your grass greener!   Your neighbors will want your secret.

Soil Solutions organic lawn fertility programs will help save our environment and save you money!

Soil Solutions Organic Lawn Care Program:

A chemically dependent lawn can be compared to drug or alcohol addiction. Synthetic inputs last for a short time period and cause destruction to the environment. Synthetic salts eliminate natural soil microbes and supply plant roots with a small amount of NPK nutrients.  When beneficial soil organisms are eliminated, plants become dependent on chemicals. Most fertilizer is leached down through the soil or moved as runoff into our waterways.

Organic lawn care supports the important soil foodweb that is responsible for plant health and vigor. For eons beneficial organisms have supported undisturbed healthy forest and prairie ecosystems.  Our human intervention has changed natural ecosystems. We need homes ballparks and other facilities to support our lifestyles, however, we can create lush living areas without damaging our environment. By using the organic method you will use less water, and not expose yourselves, children and pets to damaging chemicals.

Traditional lawns are full of pesticides that pollute our waterways and pose serious health risks to your family, pets and any wildlife that may visit our yard.

• 60-70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning each year in the US alone.

• In the US, 30 percent of water consumed on the East Coast waters lawns, 60 percent on the West Coast.

• Close to 70 million pounds of pesticides (including herbicides) are applied to US lawns each year. This is approximately ten times the amount applied to American farmland, acre for acre.

• As of 2004, about 70 million tons of fertilizer were used on US lawns a year.

• The Virginia Cooperative Extension in its publication “Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies,” states that some fungicides and pesticides can kill 60 to 90% — or more — of the earthworms where they are applied.


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