Ordinance Compliance

Most cities and townships have ordinances in place to provide protection of their established tree canopy. The role of trees has measurable value to each neighborhood and collectively, the community as a whole.

Municipalities recognize the long term value of protecting their tree inventory and have established tree departments whose responsibility is to provide care and protection of trees and to educate the public to the value and care of trees. Finding them can be a challenge as oftentimes they are tucked in planning department or Parks and Recreation departments.

If you plan a construction project or would like to trim your trees, it is beneficial to contact your local City Arborist first. He/she can assist you with the guidelines. Usually, these projects require a permit. In order to obtain a permit, guidelines must be followed to avoid penalties. The statement “I didn’t know” is no longer accepted as a reason for non compliance.

Tree Solutions consulting arborists can assist with ordinance compliance. Contact us for an appointment to meet and discuss your project.

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