“Least Toxic”: Your Best Option


“Always use the least toxic, yet effective, materials available and use them in ways that reduce human and pet exposure and protect the environment.” – University of California, IPM

Using “least toxic” pesticides is an approach of using the most benign substance available to control the disease or pest affecting your tree.  

When selecting which pesticide to use it is important choose one that has the least risk to human health and has a low environmental impact.

Use of “selective” insecticides which target  related types of insects is preferred over  use of “broad spectrum” pesticides which will also kill non-target organisms.  It is also important to select and properly apply insecticides which will cause the least amount of damage to beneficial insect populations.

Reduced risk pesticide application methods and materials:

•Lessen risk of non target exposure  (birds,pets,children)

•Lessen risk of runoff contaminating our streams and oceans

•Lessen risk of chemicals leaching into drinking water aquifers

 •Lessen the possibility of tracking toxic materials into your home 

Selecting the best pesticide


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